Online courses

IIEP offers a selection of short online courses, which aim to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in key themes related to educational planning and management. 

Online courses are held on an e-learning platform - or virtual classroom- where participants can access training materials and a variety of interactive tools and resources. Their design promotes interaction among participants and instructors, and adopts a hands-on and practice-oriented approach which allows professionals to easily apply the skills acquired in the course to their professional settings. 

E-courses have a duration of about 8 weeks and are provided in English or in French.

How to apply?

National institutions take precedence for enrolment in courses. In order to apply to the online courses, they must fill in and send to IIEP an application form suggesting a team of 4 to 6 professionals. Admission status will be communicated soon after the submission date.

Please note that Individual applicants may also be accepted according to availability.

For more information on the enrolment procedures, visit the page of the online course of your interest by clicking on REGISTER.

Working Modality

Participants are grouped in national teams of 4 to 6 professionals. Online courses are mainly organized at a distance, but also include optional face-to-face meeting to prepare group assignments. Courses make use of the following working modalities:

  • Individual work, which includes study of training materials, access to instructional resources, participation in discussion forums, preparation of individual assignments, completion of self-assessment tests, etc.
  • Team work, which requires the preparation of practice-oriented group activities and exercises based on individual inputs of all team members.
  • Interaction with IIEP instructors and participants from other countries and institutions on the basis of interactive and constructive exchanges and knowledge sharing.

One member of the team acts as Team Coordinator. This person must facilitate the organization of group work and ensure that the team completes all the required course activities.

Duration and workload

Most IIEP online courses have a duration of 8 weeks. Participants are asked to spend 6 to 8 hours per week preparing exercises and on other activities. Before courses begin, two to three weeks are required for the purpose of testing communications.

Training materials & technology

IIEP training materials build on the Institute’s 50 years of experience in the field of educational planning and management. They benefit from the results of IIEP research, operational activities worldwide and expertise in instructional design. Materials are specially developed for each course by a team of national and international experts. They are based on an exhaustive training need assessment, include relevant and updated content, and promote a practice-oriented and problem-solving learning approach.

Our online courses are organized on a Learning Management System (Moodle) or “virtual classroom” which provides participants with training materials and a variety of interactive resources and tools, such as discussion forums, videos, instructional presentations with audio, web conferencing, wikis, blogs, and quizzes, etc. Technology is user friendly and adapted to our participants’ needs.


Online courses are organized by IIEP staff and international experts who have significant experience in research, training and operational activities. Authors of several publications, they have contributed to education reform and the design of educational plans and policies in various countries worldwide.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive an IIEP/UNESCO certificate of participation.

Admission fees

Admission fees for online courses are USD 550 per participant.

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